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lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2014

Valencia, Spain: The cry of my land...

 (The pieces of this info are from "El Pais", I.N.E. and the Association for recovery historial memory from valencia)

Ok, people, I'm going to write about my land: Valencia.
A lot of people know about the serious problems of politicians corruption ( more of 160 politics accused...).
A lot of people in Spain know about the victory with absolutely majority of the neoliberal party, the Popular Party.

Speak about them a little bit...

In the last general elections of 2011 the popular voters was aproximately 1.380.000, but the total voter poblation was aproximately about 4.800.000. If we count the people who didn't vote , about 25 %, this was 1.200.000...nearly the same quantity. But if we count the people who voted other parties , this made 1.162.000...again, nearly the same quantity.

This is the paradoxal law of Ohms, the election law, because the real majority was aproximately 2.362.000 of people who didn't vote the P.P.
...and this people suffer their policy...

But, come on to the beggining...

In the thirties in Valencia, one of the biggest industry was the printers, and logically, the publishers.
And also, although the social inequality of the age .

This industry caused a "boom" of culture. The publishers translated and bought the principal thinkers and writers around Europe.

The streets boiled with theatre, music and poetry. Words that today seems to us new words had in their pages: Sexology,naturism, vegetarianism and all of the "ism".

After came the civil war at 1936...
It was 637 bombing only in the comunity in a total of 992 days of war.
A lot of people lost their homes and fell out of favour.
Appart of this, because the last capital of the Spanish republic during the conflict the vengeance was brutal.

The exile was massive , the prisons was owerflowed...was concentration camps in Albatera and Portaceli, and the common graves was owerflowed,too.
About 20.000 bodies accounted for only in the Paterna's common pit...

As soon as after the National victory of Franco, settled in the city a lot of militar headquarters and all around. Next, the headquarters was surrounded by a lot of whorehouse: widows and former militiwomen shared her double defeat.

The tiranny came back with Franco till our days, supported by families very renowned. Do you know the famous surname like Fabra, Barberá or Roig...?
Yes, the same families of the politicians of P.P. or valencian rich people.(Carnicas Roig, for example, selled the meat to the army...).

The transition to democracy was hard and bloody, with the constant attack of the extreme right wing agaisnt the universitys.

How a sign, the tanks leaved the headquarters of the city again during the military coup of 1981and take Valencia, but this is another story....or not?
Or is the same...?
Views of my street 23th Febrary of 1981.

martes, 9 de diciembre de 2014


The stations ...the rain
the fucking old Europe,
your fucking break words...

Alone in the lifest highway
...the stations...
my sorrow looking forward
looking nothing
in this desperately cry
in this dirty road...

The stations, your sickness
The stations of your hearth
The stations of my drunk,
the bodies of the living dead.

Maybe it is real word...
maybe sadness a rebellion
in opposite of their false laughs...

Alone in the stations....